Louisiana Pecan Festival Celebration

pecansThe Louisiana Pecan Festival is one of the historical celebrations which was born after the growing of pecan. Pecan in this area was the most consumed food and local native American depended on pecan for a survivor. More to that during the time of scramble for land when the settler was moving from place to place due to the revolution in agriculture, the settler arrived in this area and therefore some improvement was achieved. One of them is that pecan was grown in the large plantation, therefore, the production increased at the high rate. Also, there was wild pecan but the due arrival of settlers they were grafted with the better one.

The festival is celebrated in the first weekend of November every year. It marks many full events like cooking contest, arts and crafts booth, carnival rides, grand parade and of course food, especially pecan. Visitors always comes to the festival to buy souvenir foods like jams, jellies, pies etc. These foods are not simply like that because they were made of pecans.

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It’s celebrated in a unique way, therefore, Louisiana festival is the great experience to have in your life. One is instead of being celebrated in one day it’s celebrated in three days, therefore, it is one of the longest spent celebrations which signifies that it is enjoyable to many. During the formation of this festival, it developed such that they could call stars and the great artist to take part therefore significantly became attractive to many. Due to this, it grew more and many celebrities took part in the event and then it was decided that they will be including even the Sunday. Early on, it was done Friday and Saturday but due to hosting more visitor and more event increasing more and more vendor and craft seller in the area it was extended to Sunday.